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Hotel Mumbai (2018) full movie online free megashare: In HOTEL MUMBAI, it's just another day at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in India in 2008. Kitchen worker Arjun is late for work and has forgotten his shoes, so he must squeeze into a too-small spare pair. Head chef Hemant Oberoi inspects the staff and reminds them that the "guest is god." American David arrives and checks in with his wife, Zahra, their new baby, and their nanny. As David and Zahra dine, a group of terrorists invades the hotel and starts shooting everyone in sight. Arjun comes up with a plan to get everyone in the restaurant to the hotel's super-secret private club, while David decides to sneak back upstairs to try to rescue the baby. Meanwhile, local police do their best to stop the violence while waiting for backup. But the shocking atrocity shows no signs of ending anytime soon.
  • Original: Hotel Mumbai
  • Year: 2018
  • Country: Australia, USA, India
  • Runtime: 123 min. / 02:03
  • Language: English
  • Release Date: 29 March 2019

  • Available on:
    Smart TV
  • Genre: Movies / Movies 2018 / Drama / Horror / Thriller
  • Director: Anthony Maras
  • Stars: Amandeep Singh, Suhail Nayyar, Manoj Mehra, Dinesh Kumar, Amriptal Singh, Kapil Kumar Netra, Dev Patel, Adithi Kalkunte
  • 2 602

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