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The New Romantic (2018)
IMDB: 5,8
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The New Romantic (2018) full movie online free megashare: Blake Conway, aspiring journalist, hopeless romantic and college senior, is terrified of graduating. In order to escape her looming post-graduation fate that includes student debt and zero romantic prospects, she becomes a sugar baby. As she documents the adventure in the hopes of winning a journalism award with a generous cash prize, she sets out on a quest to figure out if society is right to judge these woman and if her own self worth comes with a price.
  • Original: The New Romantic
  • Year: 2018
  • Country: Canada
  • Runtime: 82 min. / 01:22
  • Language: English
  • Release Date: 11 March 2018

  • Available on:
    Smart TV
  • Genre: Movies / Movies 2018 / Comedy / Drama / Romance
  • Director: Carly Stone
  • Stars: Jessica Barden, Hayley Law, Brett Dier, Camila Mendes, Timm Sharp, Avan Jogia, Ivy Matheson, Eva Link
  • 1 864

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